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Chiropractic for the entire family.

Rooted Chiropractic (previously Root & Bloom Chiropractic) is a family-centered chiropractic office dedicated to providing empowering knowledge and chiropractic care to families, so they may live a happier and healthier everyday life.

During the first few years of life, a child’s neurological development is at its highest. How we support them during this critical stage of growth sets the foundation for their health and well-being. From the birth process (especially those that involved many interventions) to adolescence, children are exposed to a variety of physical, chemical, and mental stressors. Some examples of stressors include prolonged sitting in car seats/carriers, medications, bumps and falls, processed foods, and tablet usage.

The human body is designed to thrive. It is designed to recover and to give you a life free from pain and illness. Chiropractic care increases the body’s ability to function properly by regulating proper nervous system functioning.

A woman’s body can be well supported throughout conception, pregnancy and postpartum with chiropractic care. This helps provide effective relief from pregnancy-related discomfort. It also can allow a mom-to-be enjoy a healthier pregnancy and permit her baby to get into optimal birth position. Chiropractic care helps both mom and her growing baby be more comfortable and healthy.

Drs. Lauren Molinaro Shelton and Weston Shelton welcome you and your family to Rooted Chiropractic.

At Clarendon Hills prenatal, pediatric, and family wellness chiropractic office, we welcome you and your family to enjoy a natural way to reach optimal health. We focus on pediatric and prenatal care, but we also care for all ages and walks of life!

Whether you are trying to conceive, are expecting a baby, experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, already leading a healthy lifestyle, or simply want more for you or your child, Rooted Chiropractic, your Clarendon Hills chiropractor, is here for you and your family.