Insurance FAQ

1. What does it mean to be a “cash practice”?

Being a cash practice means that we have the freedom to take care of our patients the way we feel is best. We have intentionally chosen not to contract with insurance providers because it allows us to provide full restorative care rather than just symptomatic relief. Our care plans are created according to your specific needs. Being a cash practice also enables us to provide affordable care and give discounts that would normally be regulated by the insurance carriers. That being said, you are still able to utilize your insurance benefits if you so choose. Many insurance plans have in-network and out-of-network benefits. If your insurance carrier has out-of-network benefits, Rooted Chiropractic services would be subject to your out-of-network summary plan description (deductible, coinsurance, visit limit, etc.). It is $200 for the consultation, exam and report of findings. Adjustments begin at $60. Depending on your selected payment method, the smallest discount would be about 10% off. The discounts go up from there!

2. Does my plan have out-of-network benefits?

We strongly encourage all of our patients to know and understand their own insurance benefits. Kindly refer to the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card to verify your out-of-network benefits.

3. If I’d like to utilize my out-of-network benefits, how do I do so?

As a courtesy, we can provide you with an itemized receipt. Our front desk will email it to you after each appointment for you to send directly to your insurance provider for processing. Please contact your insurance provider for any other forms that may be necessary, as each carrier has different requirements. Your claims address is located on the back of your insurance card. Your provider may require other forms for submission. Any other claims submission questions should be directed to your insurance provider. No discounts are allowed when we provide itemized receipts. The consultation, exam and report of findings is $200. Adjustments are $60.

4. After I send in my paperwork, how long will it be before I hear anything back from insurance?

Insurance carriers are fairly inconsistent in processing turnaround times. Variances can range from 30-180 days. Since we are an out-of-network provider and uninvolved in the claims submissions process, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and any possible reimbursement will come directly to you in the mail. Please note that claim submission is not a guarantee of reimbursement.

5. Is there any benefit to using an out-of-network provider vs. in-network?

Absolutely! Many in-network doctors are restricted to high copays and visit limits which are controlled by the insurance companies. Because we stay out-of-network, you don’t have to worry about high deductibles or paying a copay at each visit. Not being under a contract with an insurance company also enables us to provide family discounts that in-network doctors cannot.

6. Are your services HSA/FSA eligible?

Yes- We are able to accept HSA/FSA cards as payment options.