4 Things More Important Than Chiropractic for Back Pain

It’s common knowledge that chiropractic helps adults with back pain, neck pain, and headaches. While many adults may begin to seek out care for their headaches, sciatica or back pain at Rooted Chiropractic, adjustments can improve their overall quality of life, in addition to their original symptom. People report improved sleep, decreased anxiety, better stress management, improved mood and stronger immune systems under chiropractic care. 

The nervous system is intricately connected to the endocrine and immune systems, as well as the microbiome, which is mediated by the Vagus nerve. More specifically, these four systems are connected by chemical mediators called cytokines, interferons, interleukenes that are shared between these systems. Therefore, an impact on one system is expected to illicit a coordinated response from the other system. When the nervous system is functioning at its full potential, the other systems in the body function better because of this intimate connection. 

Here are the top four reasons that parents seek out chiropractic care for their entire family.

1. Stress Management

It may look different, but we all have stress- from babies to children to adults. When our nervous system is constantly exposed to stress, it gets stuck in a sympathetic state, or what’s referred to as our “fight or flight” response. For babies, stress presents as irritability, difficulty sleeping, and even constipation. In children, it may be chronic bed-wetting, gastrointestinal issues, and behavioral challenges such as ADHD. In teenagers, it can be anxiety, depression or even decreased athletic performance. In adults, we often see weight gain, difficulty sleeping, racing thoughts or tension in the upper back and shoulders. Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments can help to interrupt this shift into the “fight or flight mode” by activating the opposite, calming response of the nervous system, or the parasympathetic mode.   

2. Sleep

Have you ever laid in bed and thought about all of the laundry you have to do or how you’re going to keep your kids busy for the entire winter break, and before you know it, its 1:00 am? You’re not alone. Sleep is something so many people struggle with. Whether your child has a hard time going to sleep, staying asleep, or is waking up tired and cranky, it can be difficult. Sleep is crucial for everyone, especially our babies and children because their brains are developing and growing at such rapid rates. Sleep allows them to rest, recharge, and keep up with these neurological changes. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments helps turn your brain off and ensures your body is healing, relaxing, and restoring while you’re asleep.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

3. Illness

Seasonal allergies, constant colds, the flu, coughs and respiratory infections, ear infections, viruses. You name it, it seems like illness sometimes just won’t stay out of our houses! Specific neurological chiropractic care has the amazing ability of increase your immune system’s ability to adapt to illness. 

4. Emotional Regulation

Life can bring about highs and lows for all of us. Our mood, behavior, and overall demeanor can be affected by stress at work, home, and school. We can’t tell you though how often we hear our patients tell us that getting adjusted helps improve their mood! The say they feel calm, connected, and not as quick to anger.

While chiropractic adjustments for children and babies looks much different than it does for adults, everyone receives the same benefit- better adaptability of the nervous system. Curious about chiropractic for you or your family, contact us at 630-537-1781 or office@rootedchiroCH.com to learn more.