Chiropractic Care

Common Signs That You Need Chiropractic

More and more families are becoming interested in a different approach to their health. Many are looking to a “wellness” approach to their health to help them live a healthy lifestyle and to overcome the physical, chemical, and emotional stress of everyday life. Everyone’s body has the ability to heal and to truly function at a higher level.

Common signs of the bodies inability to express this potential include:

  • Anxiety & difficulty sleeping
  • Brain fog & need for mental focus
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fatigue Headaches
  • Increasing immune challenges
  • Pain & discomfort

Chiropractic is Safe

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for every age group, from infants to the elderly. At Root & Bloom Chiropractic, our focus is helping everyone achieve greater health and vitality by keeping the nervous system functioning at its highest level. The skull and spinal bones (vertebrae) protect this delicate system.

The nervous system is often referred to as the “Master Control” of our body because it coordinates the function of every other system by sending information from the brain to the nerves, out to the body, and vice versa.

Benefits of Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments remove stress from our body and restore balance and communication within the body. Adjustments have a number of benefits, including strengthening the body’s immune system, reducing inflammation, improving posture (leading to improved breathing), and reducing the risk of sports-related injuries while decreasing recovery time. Every member of the family can achieve optimal health through correct alignment of the spine. Whether you are seeking to resolve a health concern or striving for optimal health, we are here to help!