Is Your Baby Fussy During Tummy Time?

It’s common for babies to cry as they learn to do tummy time. In some instances, a baby may be excessively uncomfortable and tense, have a flat spot on their head or may favor turning their head to one side. These may be signs of an underlying issue. A subluxation, or a misalignment in the spine, can cause discomfort when raising or turning the head. Sometimes a subluxation can happen during the birth process and isn’t detected until the baby tries to use those neck muscles.

In order to improve the body’s ability to perform tummy time, the subluxation and nervous system should be assessed by a trained pediatric chiropractor. If there has been months of difficult tummy time, the developing muscle system will make compensations. This is why we work closely with other providers to ensure that our young patients develop optimally, in the safest and most effective manner.

Watch this video of Amy Tamos, PT DPT from Full Circle Physical Therapy on how to make it more enjoyable for both your baby and you.  If you have questions about your baby’s tummy time or are interested in scheduling an appointment for your child, call 630-296-4572 or email Amy at Full Circle Physical Therapy is now conveniently located inside of Root & Bloom Chiropractic.